I’m excited. I’ve finished my fantasy! Yippee! Now the hard work begins. Editing. And editing. And, once again editing. Then I’ll be ready for Beta Readers. Once I hear from them, it’ll mean listening and incorporating their advice (anything that jars). After that’s done, it’ll Hopefully be in time for the professional (New York) editor I’ve booked in June. Then I’ll need to take on board her comments.

I choose the path of employing a professional editor because I will not traditionally publish. I will self publish (I’ll become what the industry call an “Indie”).

After the professional editor, I’ll need to source a quality cover before I publish hopefully around Christmas.

I’m thankful the industry is far more accepting of Indie publishers these days. It is no longer considered “vanity” publishing. There are quality indie authors out there. Sure, a publisher can get you exposure in many bookstores but I’m not that ambitious.

So this year is on track for now. Watch it derail, knowing my luck!