Stay-at-home mum to three preteen outspoken complainers. I have a wonderful husband who makes me laugh thru disability. And last-but-by-no-means-least is the most important member of our family (in her mind) – our thieving whippet.

Before Kids, I travelled to the West Coast of the States – driving from Los Angeles to Victoria (Canada) and back again. Another time I took a fifth wheel with Canadian friends my Nan met during WWII from Vancouver through the Rockies – Banff, Lake Louise, Calgary – back to Vancouver, then onward by plane to Manitoba, Toronto, Montreal, Novia Scotia to Prince Edward Island (you may be able to guess one of my favourite novels…).

Finally, I lived in London for nearly two years. Whilst there, I worked a week in Brussels, saw the last stage of the Tour de France in Paris, spent 2 weeks in the Greek Islands, spent three weeks in Italy and Christmas in Salzberg, Austria. I saw so much of the UK. I’d be hard pressed to list it all . A short list: Bath, Cardiff, Dublin, Cork, Oxford, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, York, Woking, Guildford, Warwick, Dover, Cornwall and Devon.