Who doesn’t like garlic?

I’m sorry, I can’t understand how anyone can’t like garlic. Do you? There’s nothing comparable to that pungent odor wafting through your kitchen – what can match it?

For my entire childhood I was deprived of this exquisite flavour. Oh, how my childhood was filled with bland boring food. My mother didn’t like garlic, so she never cooked it.

Seriously, I know kids can be fussy (I have 3 of the fussiest humans alive), but isn’t not using garlic some kind of child abuse? It should be. And although my kids are fussy they will eat garlic. I’m not saying they love it, but they eat it and don’t complain, so that’s a bonus, right?

And if my fussy trio eat garlic, how can an adult not like it? There are some people who claim they are allergic to garlic, but then eat food like Indian. I’m sorry, that’s not an allergy, that’s being a pain in the arse. Have you met an Indian? Seen them cook? I personally don’t know an Indian dish that doesn’t have garlic in it. Do they know how to cook or what? Frigging delicious.

Mix garlic with ginger and you have one of the most potent, mouth-watering bases for a meal on this earth. Was that created by God or what?

Yes, eat too much of it and you have garlic breathe. To my mind, that’s not a reason to not like garlic. Just think how healthy that person is being because, as if the sumptuous taste of garlic wasn’t enough, it’s good for you too. And it wards off vampires 😉

All in all, there’s indisputable evidence that liking garlic is worth your time. You do like living in your body, don’t you?

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