Validation vs. Candor #amwriting

The path of the writer is filled with bindi (may be an Australian thing – lawnweed?) …

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

When I first began this writing gig, I wanted to share my work with everyone, kind of like a proud parent showing off their exceptional child. It never occurred to me that it wasn’t really ready for prime time, as they say.

The worst part was when people would point out flaws—it felt like knives cutting out my heart.

I was seeking validation that my work was good – and therefore I was good – not an honest opinion that it had promise but needed work.

Then, something occurred that showed me that my expectations were skewed: my first experience with a real editor.

That ordeal was when I truly saw my work through unbiased eyes.

My manuscript came back to me looking like a sea of red. Even though I had gone over it several times, my manuscript was rife with lazy writing habits.

  • Dropped and missing words.
  • Closed…

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