My kind of sleep

Everyone shifts unconsciously in their sleep. Well, those without a disability. But for me? I’m fortunate to sleep in my own bed. No hospital bed. Yet, I have moments where my swallow doesn’t work properly and I wake coughing and spluttering – in the wee hours of the morning. Shane always rushes to sit me up. Oh, how I love waking him at that hour, especially when he has to be up at 6:30am. Not.

I lay on my right side. My kind of shifting involves trying to roll on my back. Even then, I can’t completely lie flat on my back because my butt is stuck in the position for lying on my side. So, lying on my back is often a twisted affair. I never fall asleep like this. For two reasons. 1. If I fall asleep on my back, I wake morbidly weak (even more than normal) and getting off my back requires mammoth effort. I grunt and snort and wake Shane. If you haven’t already guessed, I unintentionally wake him as much as a newborn babe. 2. My swallow can’t keep up with the saliva produced on my back. It’s too much of a choking risk. I only manage around 5 minutes.

Did you know, when you can’t shift your weight you get pressure marks or sores? My skin is soft. That’s lucky, you think. Well, no. It’s a curse. If I wear pyjamas or underwear, I get welts where the creases of clothing were. Itchy as hell. Just on my right side. Half the time, I can’t even reach to scratch. An taunting itch I can’t scratch? Let’s just say, I used to the torment.  My saving Grace? They disappear throughout the day. In time to start all over again.

I worked hard over the course of my hospital stay to advance from a hospital bed to a normal bed. If you want to see how, check out my book here. It’s only $US0.99 for this week. The transition was fresh in my mind when I wrote the book, otherwise I’d share but I bound to forget details now.

One thought on “My kind of sleep

  1. I hope you find something to ease the pain of the welts. The only thing I know of is Aloe Vera gel, which is temporary (and after the fact) and relatively expensive.


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