Find your passion

A brush with death brings life into sharp perspective. We all know life is short but, for me, overnight (well, once I emerged from my coma) I appreciated everything more. Oh, sure, I appreciated and took time to drink in the kids as babies. No regrets there. I travelled, even lived in the UK. No regrets there. Been to Disneyland. Twice. No regrets there. Even made sure I visited Prince Edward Island in Canada (only Anne of Green Gables fans will understand my motivation for that trip).

However, the moments I savor now are even more basic. Time with family. Time with wonderful people, be they friends or amazing people. Having a conversation (I’ve waited five long years for that goal) with them. Basking in the sun. A sunset slashed with oranges, pink and night blue  (when I can see it, hard to see over our fence from a wheelchair!).

Do what you love. Live your passion. I was torn pre-stroke. There was law – I loved helping people. Then there was hand-making cards – I loved the thought of bringing joy to someone else.

Writing ran last. I thought writing a personal passion. It didn’t involve anyone else. I hadn’t reached a level where I considered the most important part of writing. The reader. I didn’t see … it can touch someone too. The day I realised that… what a lightning strike. Writing escalated to first, for now I see. Now, I live it. I breath it. I love it.

My advice, should you choose to take on board my experience (for 90% of people die from a brainstem stroke), find what you love. Savor it for the short time we are here. Don’t wait. Otherwise, it may be too late. I know I’m not ready to waste a second.


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