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Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

Here is a part-quote from a first reader about the new story (Not On The Cards):

I enjoyed the book. It read like a short story — very fast paced, very focused on plot.  I got caught up in Chiri’s desires. 

Isn’t that what every writer wants to hear? Thank you, M.

Ooh! And I got one on Goodreads: Fast-paced from the start; I was completely enthralled with her fears and journey. 

Thank you to everyone who enjoys the story. I know that won’t be everyone who reads it, but each story has the people who enjoy it, and those who look for something different. I like different. I like stories that are beyond what’s the current flavour, the expected, the norm. I like to be so involved in the story that if anyone disturbs me, I get [ummm, do I really have to admit to this?] cranky.

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