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A brush with death brings life into sharp perspective. We all know life is short but, for me, overnight (well, once I emerged from my coma) I appreciated everything more. Oh, sure, I appreciated and took time to drink in the kids as babies. No regrets there. I travelled, even lived in the UK. No regrets there. Been to Disneyland. Twice. No regrets there. Even made sure I visited Prince Edward Island in Canada (only Anne of Green Gables fans will understand my motivation for that trip).

However, the moments I savor now are even more basic. Time with family. Time with wonderful people, be they friends or amazing people. Having a conversation (I’ve waited five long years for that goal) with them. Basking in the sun. A sunset slashed with oranges, pink and night blue  (when I can see it, hard to see over our fence from a wheelchair!).

Do what you love. Live your passion. I was torn pre-stroke. There was law – I loved helping people. Then there was hand-making cards – I loved the thought of bringing joy to someone else.

Writing ran last. I thought writing a personal passion. It didn’t involve anyone else. I hadn’t reached a level where I considered the most important part of writing. The reader. I didn’t see … it can touch someone too. The day I realised that… what a lightning strike. Writing escalated to first, for now I see. Now, I live it. I breath it. I love it.

My advice, should you choose to take on board my experience (for 90% of people die from a brainstem stroke), find what you love. Savor it for the short time we are here. Don’t wait. Otherwise, it may be too late. I know I’m not ready to waste a second.


How to Avoid Info-Dumps in Your Stories

For the writers…

A Writer's Path

by Ryan Lanz

Dumping is rarely appreciated anywhere, and inside your novel is no different.

When I started writing, I can remember feeling the urge to clue the reader in on every tidbit of information on a character/setting, including the culture, people, landscape, type of plants that grow there, every holiday, flavors of tea consumed, what type of bear is best (a Jim Halpert reference), etc.

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Well now, there’s a thing…

R Munro

So … an anthology I contributed to a little while ago called “Flashpoint: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Flash Fiction Anthology 2018” has been released, and it has instantly rocketed to the bestseller list in France and Canada.


So naturally, the contributing authors are now technically bestselling authors.

Including me!


Me? Little-ol’-me? A bestselling author?


And yet … there it is.

*pinches self

Still feels the same.

But … best-selling.

I’m not sure it has fully sunk in yet…

Oh, if you’re interested in having a look at it, follow the link.

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What book changed your life?

For many of us, we can narrow it down to at least a few books. So, which book, for you, contained beautiful sentences – turns of phrase, fresh language – characters you loved, a plot that kept you guessing and a message you took on board?

I thought I had my two novels that fundamentally touched my core and that was that. Only this week, I’ve another to add to my collection. And this time it wasn’t fiction. Surprise, surprise. This time it was a book on writing. It only took me two nights to finish. Now, I’ve read some worthwhile writing books because hey, don’t judge, I want to write.

Well, I do write but I want to write fiction. Not like Dickens. No siree! I’ll never be that good! There’ll only ever be one Dickens or one Jane Austen. One Shakespeare. Yet I’d like to write well enough to entertain. A much smaller and, hopefully (one day), achievable goal. I’m in this for the long haul.

My first two books are something any reader will know, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (any Jane Austen will do though, Emma’s a close contender) and L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gable’s series (yes, all of them, for who can stop at one?). And the newest book to change my life?… Grant Hudson’s How Stories Really Work: Exploring the Physic of Fiction. If you write, or want to write, then do yourself a favour… READ THIS.

Leave a comment. What’s your favourite books or book?