Struggles and Strife

Unthinkable! Books gone!

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

Many times I’ve tried to simplify my life, clean up, live with a small footprint, do what I can to help others when they need it. And I do it. I live lean. I don’t own much. I garden for most of my food. But there’s one thing.


The last time we moved the container turned up on the back of the truck and contained – nothing! What do you think was the first words out of my mouth? Did it have to do with clothes (no, they were second, because I had an interview the next day!)? Or electricals? Furniture? Other stuff?

No. It was ‘My books!’

It didn’t mean just the books you find on shelves, although I lost most of the fiction and gardening books as well. It was the journals, the notebooks, the pads and printouts that had all my story notes. That’s what I…

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