Uh-oh … Cynicism Time…

Too true…

R Munro

Note: parody! Not a challenge to be like this!

“We at Mega-Super-Awesome Literary Agency want strong fiction and narrative non-fiction for adult and young readers (no picture books, no screenplays or stage plays, no poetry, nothing religious, no science-fiction, no fantasy, no adventure, no romance, for God’s sake nothing with vampires or werewolves, nothing with more than four syllables and nothing Beryl in accounts receivable thinks might be particularly tawdry or immoral). We prefer writers rather than categories though, so those who have the potential for identifiable, long-term career-development we can mercilessly exploit are welcome to apply.

We want authors who are committed to being life-long professionals with unique storytelling talents. If anything you’ve written remotely resembles anything anyone ever throughout history has ever written, we’re not interested. If you’re a new writer, sucks to be you. We want authors who have already published. We’re not spending our precious time…

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The 2018 Interview Series Featuring Cage Dunn

Author Don Massenzio

Welcome to the 2018 author interview series. Author interviews will be posted every Friday throughout the year.

I am honored to continue this series with author Cage Dunn.

For those of you that have read my interviews in the past, you’ll find a new set of questions in this series. You can catch up with all of my past author interviews (nearly 200) on my Author Directory page.

If you’re an author interested in being interviewed in this series, I still have limited spots available for 2018. You can email me at don@donmassenzio.com

Now, please enjoy this interview with Cage Dunn:

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

Original isn’t the goal. Nor is expectation. There’s a story idea, a germ or seed that wants to grow. It’s my job to find the best position for that seed, to give it the…

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6 books available to purchase

I have 6 paperbacks of my book, Spades of Determination, that just arrived.

For anyone having trouble with Amazon, is anyone interested in buying from me? And as a thank you for your support, I’ll pay the postage? They’re $20.

Personal Message me your address. I’m sorry, first in first served but I’ll order more once these are gone. Promise.


I’m excited. I’ve finished my fantasy! Yippee! Now the hard work begins. Editing. And editing. And, once again editing. Then I’ll be ready for Beta Readers. Once I hear from them, it’ll mean listening and incorporating their advice (anything that jars). After that’s done, it’ll Hopefully be in time for the professional (New York) editor I’ve booked in June. Then I’ll need to take on board her comments.

I choose the path of employing a professional editor because I will not traditionally publish. I will self publish (I’ll become what the industry call an “Indie”).

After the professional editor, I’ll need to source a quality cover before I publish hopefully around Christmas.

I’m thankful the industry is far more accepting of Indie publishers these days. It is no longer considered “vanity” publishing. There are quality indie authors out there. Sure, a publisher can get you exposure in many bookstores but I’m not that ambitious.

So this year is on track for now. Watch it derail, knowing my luck!