Living with stroke

It took me a year to graduate from an air mattress to a normal mattress. Like going from a cloud to a rock. And learning to sleep on my side? Lifting my arm across my body to reach the bedrail to pull myself on my side? Well, let’s imagine an Olympic heavy weight champion’s efforts when they lift.

And after I pulled myself onto my side? I couldn’t balance there. I’d fall back on my back. Crushing. All that effort wasted. The only way I could balance on my side was by crooking my arm over the bedrail. I had to sleep that way. Always made the nurses laugh if they found me sleeping in that position.

Nowdays, I have no bedrail. It’s still hard to roll on my side, but not as hard. I can’t sleep on my back for two reasons. 1. my swallow makes it hard to breathe comfortably. 2. If I happen to fall asleep on my back, then when I wake, I’m a dead body and rolling on my side is virtually impossible. Think 50 First Dates. Yes, the brain does forget. I know, I live it everyday.

And being home beats all šŸ™‚

More details in my book on Amazon here.

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