Character Writing Challenge

It’s been a while. But here’s a quick character challenge. The task was to create an interesting, sympathetic character. Here’s my effort:

“The floor throbbed a constant tremor through Rob’s feet, though his hearing distinguished no shouts or screams. He anticipated a rare moment when compared to the normal moments throughout his day. In fact, he was hard pressed to remember a day like it all his life. Nerves fluttered in his gut. This is it. The moment of truth.

Rock it or crash and burn.

He grabbed the handrail to the stage stairs, his palms slippery on the cold metal, and with slow, deliberate steps, he began to climb. At the top, he stumbled and drew a sharp breath. The studio is so different to the freaking stage. A sea of faces greeted him. Fans jumped on the spot – lots of Energizer batteries – and they punched the air. If I don’t look at them, I can pretend I’m at home in my man cave.

Rob’s hand slightly trembling as he wrapped it around his guitar and the moment he touched the guitar, confidence flooded him. I can do this.

The house lights dimmed until the sea of faces turned black and a bright spotlight blinded him. He perched on a stool and rested the guitar on his thigh. Rob began to play and his fingers danced a slow dance over the fingerboard. Soft vibrations guided his every pause. His dancing fingers became faster and the vibrations clipped.

The song finished and, abruptly, the black sea undulated, but he focused. Just play on.

All I need is music.”

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