10 Minute Challenge

This week’s writing challenge required a stolen ring, a sinister stranger and a fear of spiders. Instantly, I thought Lord of the Rings. Go figure! This is my effort:

On her way home from high school, a few doors from home, Gail paused on the footpath and shuddered. A few spider webs were baseball-plate size Christmas lights between the two storey trees ahead. The silhouette of palm-sized spiders were a bullseye in each web. She dreaded this part of her daily walk. In fact, she hated living on this street. Oh, how she hated her life.

A van pulled up beside her. A hooded guy got out and approached her. This was the worst day of her life. Seriously. Are you kidding me? First, she had to go home and confess to her mother someone stole her Grandmother’s ring. The one she borrowed on the weekend. Must’ve been during her sport period. Second, she faced these spiders. Third, this guy looked dodgy. Super dodgy. Could her day get worse?

She screamed.

A shrill scream. A blood-curdling scream.

Not looking back, she bolted for home.

Despite her fear of spiders.

Before she reached the first spider, the man raised his voice, “Don’t be scared! I just wanted directions to a petrol station.”

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