A break from the bleakness of Stroke

A short poem I wrote today inspired by a friend:

My mind. Invisible chains encase me imprisoned and alone.
People converse but I croak the barest unintelligible response.
Years of one-sided conversations in my mind.
Desolation and loneliness despite the crowd surrounding me.

My life. Exploded to smithereens by a stroke.
People hug me but I cannot hug back.
Years unable to even kiss.
Unrequited basic human needs rip my heart to shreds.

My body. A lump – concrete in a wheelchair.
People cannot imagine the weight I carry.
Years sleeping on one side.
Crushed to the bed, unable move or share a marital bed.

Our government before. Dollars dictate everything.
I drink but I only drink if a carer is here.
Years of squeezing drinks in a tight budget.
Afternoons alone unable to drink a drop.

Our government now. The dollars unlocked.
People cannot understand the complete abandon I feel.
Years ahead – please let this freedom continue.
The cage opens and sets me free to drink as normal.

I do not know myself.
I love this feeling.

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