My Lack of Control

Wow. I went to start today’s post and, thanks to my lack of control, instead of clicking on the “Write” a new post button on my Surface Pro, I hit the bell button. Wow. There’s a whole new part to blogging I never knew existed. The tech world certainly moved on during my lengthy hospital stay after my stroke. I’m a babe testing the tech world again.

I accidentally press the wrong thing all the time. Just today, I entered a reminder in my iPad calendar, then before I could add it -poof. It was gone. I touched another part of the screen. Bye-bye work. I fully entered my reminder three times and three times it vanished before I saved it. Fourth time is the charm.

I am like a child again. The fear at pressing an unknown key is gone. Unintentionally, I discover new things all the time. There is nothing I can do so why fret?

Like when I delete and don’t mean it.

One of the intentional balls-up I did over the weekend was to empty the trash on my book. Everything disappeared. Only a white screen stared back at me. My heart stopped. OM-freaking-G! What had I done? After a panicked message to my husband – I peered closer. A word search was turned on (I use Scrivener) and as soon as I turned it off – happy days – my book reappeared! Phew! 80,000 words back in view. Oh what a feeling!

After deleting my book for real in April, I don’t know if I’d recover a second time.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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