NDIS Part 3

Finally, I met with the NDIS. I have a Plan and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised so far. My skepticism is overthrown – so it seems. I am in early days but I hope the freedom I’ve experienced in the past week continues. I am ecstatic, I can drink in the afternoon and someone is here to take me to the toilet. This means Shane and I can go to bed at 11:30pm instead of 1am. Before I simply didn’t drink from 2pm to 7pm.

Having someone around in the afternoon also allows me to spend time on speech therapy or using my cycle (just for feet, I wheel up to it). Already I feel the difference – I knew I needed to do more. I could never do anything alone but I can now because someone is there to help me. I’m not disappointed with NDIS but disappointed it took so long to start. I’m glad the Government finally has started to support the disabled. After all, any one of us (but for the grace of God) can become disabled in the blur of a moment.

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